Many of my consulting clients simply overthink the SOP creation. I will show you here the simplest form of an SOP with a room for improvement and expansion. I have chosen an unpolished SOP on purpose to show you that initial SOP is better than no SOP. You just need to start.

So when you first google Standard Operating Procedures all you see is CORPORATE SHIT.

Huge documents, filled with text, Subjects, points, descriptions. Tons of stuff that is NOT needed in the modern world Online based businesses like ours. Don’t over-complicate things. Outsource your Amazon Private Label Customer Service first. Just do it and build on top of it.

Hope this helps, Talk to you soon.

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  • Thanks for your AMAZING work! I just came on your website through your talk on “European Private Label Summit”, and I’m hooked!

    Anyhow, what Wiki package and farm are you recommending for the purpose of the SOP’s?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hey Fabian,

      Glad you liked the presentation!

      In my company and for my students and consulting clients I recommend utilising Google Sites, styling it as wiki. That way you can get the benefits of user management inside gSuite.

      Hope this helps