I tell everyone that talks about systemizing their online business a lot of things.

Hire a virtual assistant,
Use a task management system,
Rely on hiring freelancers for almost anything you can delegate to others, and much more.

But today I have something more important to share with you guys.

It’s about trusting your virtual assistant and use various tools and software to ensure you can run a systemized and well protected online business.

Also, I want to touch base on “LastPass” and why it’s important for you.

Trusting your virtual assistant:

I often say that you need to hire one even before you think you need one.

It’s true that a virtual assistant becomes an extension of yourself and helps in almost all aspects of our business.  They can manage your company’s expenses, pay vendors, talk to your suppliers and much much more.

So basically they are part of your inner circle, will know almost everything they need to run your business smoothly and especially, have access to sensitive information like passwords, payment details etc.

This is why you need to trust them. I do and that is why I am not using any kind of time trackers for example.  If my virtual assistant completes all her tasks, why would I need to rely on something that takes snapshot of her screen or tracks her time?

I only care about the job being completed properly. If she is doing her job properly, I really don’t concern myself with her time management. Whether she is watching the latest season of “Stranger Things” or using Facebook.

If she doesn’t do the tasks in time – we talk about it on our next team call. If it keeps happening, we talk about again. If this doesn’t help, I fire them…

You should also consider to adopt this approach. There are many things that you need to concern yourself with and that is what you need to think about. Don’t create a culture in your company where you need to take snapshots and track time. Not only will you be spending more on these tools but also spending your time going through these.

Next up – I want to show you how you can utilize your virtual assistant to make online payments, securely.

Top up cards!

Making payments online. This is a one of the most frequently discussed topics as like me, many other online business owners don’t want to share their personal financial information like credit card details which is quite understandable.

I also don’t want to share any credit card details with any of my employees.

Apart from my wife, I feel that I don’t have to share it. But the dynamics of online business requires me to help my virtual assistant with financial freedom so that she can take care of necessary payments.

I always preach that you need to delegate as much tasks as you can to ensure that your business and when it comes to money matters, it should also be the case.

This is where I rely on Top up cards. There is a service provider here in Ireland called Swirl ( in U.S. you can rely on “Netspend by Western Union” or “Brink”)  that offers customers to get a prepaid MasterCard. These cards need to be loaded with money like for instance $100 dollars and then you or anyone with the card can use those $100 dollars only.

These are perfect for me for three reasons:

1)     I can easily give this card to my virtual assistant and she can carry out all the tasks without me. No need for my personal banking information and credit cards.

2)     Though in my case this is not needed as I have great relationship with my virtual assistant but for many that I have told me about bad experiences with remote employees. With these top up cards they will only be able to spend the money you have loaded and not a single penny more.

3)     Lastly it’s a great way to delegate your financial matters to your virtual assistant. I have complete peace of mind and I am not bothered whenever the matter to pay somebody comes up.

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Leverage sub accounts on major platforms and tools:

To run a successful online business, it is imperative that you rely on various platforms and tools to reach your customers. The usual ones are Facebook AdManager and Business Pages, Amazon, Upwork, Shopify and many others.

Now when you bring in experts you want them to have access to your tools so that they can easily work. Here’s something you need to know: you can create sub accounts on these platforms that allow users to use them but not have the full control.

For instance on Facebook pages, you can remain an “admin” and keep virtual assistant as an “Editor” that allows them to post online, manage the page and answer customers but they cannot delete or remove you from the page.

This goes for Amazon, Shopify and almost every platform or tool you use as “permission features” is very common and should be used by you.

LastPass: One platform for all your passwords

How to add a layer of security to your online business?

Don’t be alarmed, what I want to focus on is how to keep your passwords secure.

See, when you start your own business, you will be relying on various things and tools like Facebook AdManager, Upwork, Quickbooks and more. All of these have passwords and since you will be working with others, you will also have to share these passwords with them.

And this is true since in our line of work, we bring in a lot of people into our business to help us out. From delegating content creation to working with us on creating our website, we need help.

Also what about the fact that you work with people that stick around with for years like my lovely “virtual assistant” Joy?
But we also lose these people when there work is done or whenever they decide to leave for better opportunity.
This creates a dilemma for me and for others as well considering I have to change my passwords all over again.

But there is another issue that you need to consider: What if the people you hire remotely don’t turn out to be faithful? This will create a lot of problems for you.

I know that most of you use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype or god forbid email, to share passwords with you virtual assistants and other members of your team and imagine if the sensitive data that you share here gets in the hands of someone else?

With all of these issues you might be wondering where I am leading this to.

Well, I would like to introduce LastPass to you guys.

LastPass is an online tool that allows you to manage all your passwords from one single platform. The best part about it is that you can share your passwords with your employees while they will never actually ever know what it is. Awesome isn’t it.

Here’s how it works:

Take any tool that you are using in business, for instance, HotJar that I use to get detailed analytics about my website and the traffic that is coming to it. But I need my virtual assistant to use it often to create reports for me on weekly and monthly basis.

So I used LastPass to create the password and share it with her through its Chrome Extension. Here’s how it looks:

Whenever my virtual assistant comes up on the website, it will trigger the extension on her Chrome and she can use the password.

But here’s the fun part:

See when the password appears, many that are little naughty will try to open it up using “inspect element” and Javascript.

But with LastPass this would not be possible, adding the perfect layer of security and adding further convenience to your business processes.

On the other hand, I can easily access my passwords and change them whenever I want to using the same extension.

Then I simply click “Edit” to create new passwords.  This is how the “Edit” window looks like.  As you can see, it allows me to easily see my password so that I can know what it was before I can change it.

And that’s not all.

LastPass has this wonderful feature where you can create shared folders with your team. In these folders you can add specific passwords so that if you want to bring in someone to manage your tools, they can do it easily without you exposing all of your passwords.

Here’s how I share some of the passwords with my virtual assistant:

Clicking manage will take you within the folder where you can set accessibility and more. Here’s the snapshot:

So there you have it. LastPass has made my life incredibly easy and I am able to function with complete peace of mind. My virtual assistant is also happy since she doesn’t has to ping me for passwords and login details.

So what’s the point of all this:

The whole idea of writing this today was to inform you of ways through which you can add an extra layer of protection even if you trust your virtual assistant with the most sensitive information and crucial tasks without worrying too much.

The core of my teachings to systemize your online business is to delegate as much as you can on to others. I understand that many of you are little bit careful in sharing duties but remember that when you hire a virtual assistant, you are able to easily focus on other major tasks that equally important.

I love my virtual assistant, Joy. She has been around for some time and I completely trust her. But even now I have taken these steps so that I can be prepared for anything out of the ordinary.

So there you have it. If you want to learn more about this all, I recommend that you contact me as I offer consulting to new online sellers to better optimize their business and make it efficient.

Here’s the link: http://www.amazingworksystem.com/blog/contact/


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