Quick and Simple process of making the SOPs. Below are the steps, you can swipe it and sure in your own wiki if you like. But still watch the video as I went deeper into some of the points.

Step 0:

Your manager will send you a video/screencast of the task as he/she performs it with voice comments.
Listen carefully as it’s not only what is shown but also what is being said that’s important.

Step 1:

Perform the task 2 times to actually know that you know what you are doing yourself.

Step 2:

Record Video of you performing the task. Mention things by voice that are important. Specially mention things that feel confusing and explain why you click button X instead of button Y when they look / sound similar. Say Hello and Say Good Bye, be positive and happy in voice.

Step 3:

Outline the steps involved in completing the task from the video, then go back and write out the details for each step. Make sure each step is clear and concise, but provide enough detail that anyone can follow the instructions.

Step 4:

Add screenshots with arrows to every step listed

Step 5: Proofread (by your manager)

Setup a task in Asana: Check the SOP (assign to: Manager, Due Date: Tomorrow)

Have your manager read through and follow the instructions. They can provide valuable feedback if there are steps they could not complete or did not understand.

Step 6: Finishing touches

Refine the SOP based on the feedback. You may need to rewrite, edit or add to the instructions, usually a combination of all three.

Step 7: If the first SOP does well, move on to the next.

Write the next SOP, repeating Steps 1 to 5 for each if it’s a part of a process.

Step 8: Putting SOP in the right Place

We have an SOP section in our wiki. Depending on the department allocate it under appropriate department. Don’t ask your manager where to put it. Just put it where you think it should go. He’ll review it during weekly Wiki Review.

Step 9: SOPs as every employee’s Bible.

Make sure the SOPs URL link is distributed to all employees and new trainees.
Encourage regular feedback, and update when necessary.

Hope this helps, Talk to you soon.

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