Interesting question was asked yesterday in our closed Facebook Group. Here's my answer.

If you hire part time or full time do they work an exact set schedule? Like Monday to Friday 8-5? Or are they more flexible? If set schedule how do you work out customer responses to emails during off times, i.e. Weekends?

Great question.

One of my VAs is part time (4h per day) so I’ll share how I structure it in my business.

So, I aim for 12h response time to Amazon Customer messages which means that messages must be dealt with 2 times per day, so I have agreed with my VA to work 2h in her morning and 2h in her evening so that she performs the customer service 2x per day.
For the weekends I pay her extra for 1h Sat and 1h Sunday. We have an agreement if she can reply to a customer message
on the weekend – she does, if she can’t – she marks the message as “no response needed” and tasks herself for Monday Morning
not to miss it. She marks the task as Urgent and put’s it on top of the list.
It’s even more complicated for me as I’m in Europe, She’s in Philippines and we deal with US. but this split day works good for us because we work together the first 2h (set time) and the other 2h she is free to schedule for herself as long as customer service is done and daily tasks are completed.

I really think that the 2 hours where the whole team is Online at the same time is crucial. It’s easier to fight fires, schedule team meetings and be there for them as a support.

Leaving your VA alone is never a good idea.


Hope this helps, Talk to you soon.

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